How to Raise Capital for Your Startup


One of the reasons most startups fail is due to a lack of funds. Without money, starting a business and running it on a day-to-day basis may be tall because cash is the bloodline of any venture. From the idea stage to revenue generation, a company needs money for expenses such as paying rent, utility bills, salaries, and buy inputs, among other costs.

Below are some of the ways you can raise capital for your new business:


Crowdfunding is a relatively new business financing method that is getting popular massively. It involves receiving loans, contributions, pre-order or investments from many people at the same time. To get funds through this method, you need to post a detailed description of your business on a platform for crowdfunding. You have to state the goals of your business, how you expect to make profits, the total funds you need, and the use, among other things.

The consumers read the business description and contribute funds if they buy into the idea. The people contributing will pledge online with promises to pre-buying the firm’s offerings or giving donations. Any person can give money towards supporting a business they have faith in. The good thing with this method is that you raise funds and market your goods, and even produce them when already ordered. However, your business must be captivating to win people’s confidence. Examples of crowdfunding platforms in the US are GoFundMe, Kickstarter, and DreamFunded.


botstrappingMany entrepreneurs choose to fund their startups by putting together personal savings, liquidating their assets, and using their funds and other methods. Some of the other means include credit cards, the available home equity lines the business founders may have, etc.

Most of the time, bootstrapping is a good way of financing startups because there are no loans and creditors to give you headaches. And this is more crucial if the business doesn’t take off immediately hence lacks profits to pay loans and other credit facilities. However, if you wish to expand your venture, seeking other funding methods would be a better idea.

Funds from Family and Friends

You may fund your startup by sourcing money from your closest people, who are family and friends. This may be a good idea before going for external sources like bank loans. But it would help if you had a comprehensive business plan before requesting the friends and relatives for funding. The plan will help you explain your business idea, how you expect to generate revenue and profits, and how much you need. Also, ensure you clarify if you are requesting loans, donations, or investment.…


Advantages of Using an Online Currency Converter

currency conversion

International money transfers have been more comfortable thanks to online platforms for facilitating reliable, secure, and fast transactions for the business of all sizes. Ideally, there could be a reason why you may prefer to convert one currency into the other. Regardless of your purpose, you need to ensure that you have found the right online currency converter.

We all know that the internet has made most things more accessible than they used to be. With the help of the internet, you can do great ideas that can end up transforming your life. In other words, various online tools can help you when it comes to currency conversions. Read this article to understand the reasons why online currency converters are gaining a lot of popularity.

Easy Access

It is crucial to note that currency conversion is easier when you decide to do it online. Someone might ask why is it more comfortable when it’s done online? When doing it online, you have instant access to various sites that have the right conversion tools that you need. Therefore, if you want to convert your given currency online, ensure that you start by looking for a reputable website. Once you find one, it will offer you with multiple options that will suit your wants.

Historical Data is Available

currencyAnother advantage of using these conversion tools online is that they provide you access to historical data concerning various currencies. Ideally, if you are converting your money, you might want to check and see the exchange rate between different developed countries. In other words, it will be more comfortable accessing lower rates, and this will help you to perform the currency conversion that you need. That is why you will realize that most of the online tools are helpful.

Simple to Calculate

Another benefit of using online converters is that it is easier to work out your calculations. In this case, you get instant feedback immediately you enter the amount that you want to convert. Also, these websites will use the recent and most up to date conversion rates to ensure that you get accurate conversions. In doing this, you will not need to work out any calculations or figures on your own. Therefore, make sure that you use online converters if you want faster and reliable services.…


Benefits of Investing in Bitcoin


Bitcoin is a type of digital currency that was introduced in 2009. It is independent of any government and banking authorities. This form of currency is useful in facilitating transactions with minimal charges. Individuals who want to invest in Bitcoin can do so through established Bitcoin exchanges. The good thing about bitcoins is that they can be converted to various currencies and this has promoted business. The future of bitcoins is bright because more investors are now embracing digital currency. If you are wondering whether you should try to invest in bitcoins, below are some reasons why you should.

It Offers Several Uses

icon for BitcoinWhen bitcoins were initially introduced, individuals used the digital currency for transactions because they had minimal charges as compared to other online payment methods. However, they are now being used for many other things besides payments. Blockchain technology has emerged, and it records and holds all transactions for verification purposes. Individuals can also trade securities using bitcoins. In addition to this, they can be used for settlement between financial institutions. These developments are still in the early stages, but soon they will be mainstream. It is, therefore, a good idea to invest in the currency now because soon their value will go up and the holders can sell them at a high price.

Provides Interest on Investment

This currency is considered as commodity money. Therefore, when you have them, you can invest them the same way you use fiat money to invest. Just like fiat money, you will acquire interest on your investment as well. This means that you can make an investment on bitcoins and generate interest on them at the same time. Moreover, as time elapses, you can receive good returns at good prices.

Easy Access

Bitcoin on mobileWhen investing in bitcoins, you are not required to set your money aside for long-term goals so that you can make profits. The good thing is that you can make profits in a short time. It depends on the amount of money being transferred to the bitcoin network. A wise idea would be to invest in them and use the interest they will generate for daily transactions like buying foodstuffs. This means that you can get money for your daily deals even though it is invested.

Expected Gains

The expected gains of bitcoins are large as compared to the loss. This is because crypto analysts say that bitcoins may be a global currency in the future. This is, however, hypothetical but it happens, international trade will be facilitated. The value of BTC will increase significantly.…