Care For The Newborn Babies

baby sleeping

Newborns come along with added responsibilities that make you nervous. It is normal for a new mother to feel unprepared when she brings her baby home. During this time the mother needs help and mother care class can be of help. There are a lot of things for new mothers to keep in mind.

Tips on how to take care of newborn babies

Lay your baby on the back when sleepingcute baby sleeping

Regardless of the sleeping time, always remember to lay your baby on their back. This is the safest sleeping position for a baby as it helps reduce the risk of crib death. Also, make sure that the baby’s feet are not higher than their chest.
Dress them warm to avoid using blankets to cover them, especially their heads.

Help the baby clasp when breastfeeding

While breastfeeding your baby ensure you give them a good latch. Latching means helping the baby cover the nipple and areola with their mouths. Hold the baby facing your breast then scratch their lips with your nipple to open their mouths wider. Bring the baby towards your breast and allow him to get a firm grasp while sucking.

Do the diaper duty timely

Diaper changing is a duty that has to be taken with seriousness even though it can be messy. Change your baby diapers as frequent as possible. Wipe their skins well before changing the diapers and apply barrier cream to keep them moist. Often allow the baby go out without having the diapers on as this gives skin an opportunity to breath.

Give spongy baths

Until the umbilical cord falls off, use only sponge for baths. Keep the umbilical cord always dry and when it gets wet pat it dry. Remember to use lukewarm water and do not scrub your baby’s skin too hard because they don’t get so dirty. When the umbilical falls off you can give your baby a good bath.

Hold the baby with care

Newborns have less developed muscles in their necks; these muscles start to develop only a few months later so the mother should make sure she fully supports the baby’s neck. Prevent their heads from moving uncontrollably so always support their necks with your hands.

Burp your baby

Air intake duringirl carrying a babyg breastfeeding may interfere with their digestion. This will make your baby uneasy or even develop
colic pain. Burping your baby help free the baby’s system of excess air. Put your baby in a sitting position forward
facing your lap. Support your baby with a hand in front and lean them slightly forward then pat the back to release the air from the stomach.

These tips will help you take the best care of your newborn and keeping them in good health.