At some point, you might have noticed that the bright smile you once had is no longer as attractive as it used to be. This stained white color is caused by stains from the foods we eat. If your teeth are no longer white, brushing them regularly might not be the best way to bring back your white smile. Instead, you should consider using teeth whitening strips, which are touted be effect and cost-effective teeth whitening solutions.

How teeth whitening strips workSADsDccaS

Teeth whitening strips are special plastics with a thin layer of whitening gel. As such, when you place these strips on your teeth, you let the gel penetrate into your teeth with time. With time, the gel can dissolve stains that give your teeth that yellowish tint. It is advisable to apply these strips consistently for two or three weeks before you get ant tangible results. Ideally, use of these special strips is a cheap and efficient alternative of whitening your teeth.

Things to know about tooth whitening strips

Uniform results

As much as these whitening solutions are effective, also have some minor drawbacks. Considering that most of these strips use a two-dimensional surface, there is a risk of uneven whitening when using this procedure. As such, you should expect to have those areas that are not covered left with unsightly yellow spots. Therefore, as you continue with your treatment, it is advisable to ensure you work on all areas that might be easily noticed.

There is no danger of gum complications

If you are worried about the impact of the chemicals on your gums, the gel used on the strip is chemically sound and has no adverse effect on your gums. Moreover, you can also reduce any impacts by cutting the strip to match your smile.

Tooth sensitivity

sdzsfdcsZDCAnother reason most people fear using certain bleaching products is its impact on the sensitive nature of their teeth. However, using tooth whitening strips poses no real threat to the integrity of your teeth. However, to be on the safe side, it is advisable to use them in moderation. You should never prolong treatment longer that it is required. In case you feel the results are not forthcoming, consult your doctor for informed recommendations.

Most first time users know very little about teeth whitening strips. As such, make an effort of going through a couple of teeth whitening FAQ and learn more from experts and people that are in the situation as yours.